Enjoy The Benefits of Solar

Guthrie and Sons is proud to offer a variety of different ways for our clients to enjoy the benefits of solar in San Diego.  We offer Leases, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's), traditionally financed or all cash/credit purchases.  We also offer an exclusive ownership product called EZ Own that gives you all of the advantages of owning solar with non of the maintenance or uncertainty. Our energy consultants will help you select what choice is right for you during your free in home solar consultation. Here is a little information on the different ways you can go solar.


Solar Leases allow people to go solar without buying a solar system.  With a solar lease, the leasing company purchases the system on your behalf, installs the system, maintains it, monitors it, and guarantees the system production.  You then get the power the system produces at a better rate then you are currently paying the utility company.  Solar leases can be good for people who cannot use a tax credit (leasing company gets it), and/or people who never plan on moving from their home.

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A solar Power Purchase Agreement is very similar to a lease.  With a PPA, the solar system is installed, maintained, and monitored by a solar company.  The client then purchases the power the system produces at an agreed upon price.  We prefer PPA’s to Leases because with PPA’s if the system overproduces, the client is typically on the hook for the overproduction.  With leases, the client typically gets any overproduction for free.   Again, this may make sense if you do not pay taxes, or if you have a large bill and do not plan on moving.   We offer both PPA’s and Leases, but we believe in Solar Ownership


We offer a range of different panels and equipment at competitive prices.  With a solar purchase, you pocket the 30% federal tax credit, and you own the system and all the power it produces.  The goal of a purchase in many cases is to lower the bill to close to Zero to the utility company, instead of just lowering it with a PPA or Lease.   We offer purchases financed by several banks as well as the PACE program.  PACE allows you to purchase solar and finance it on your property tax bill, which can lead to tax advantages.

EZ Own Purchase:

Our favorite way to go solar is the EZ Own purchase. This combines the benefits of a solar lease, (Maintenance, Third Party operation and monitoring, repairs, and production guarantees) with the benefits of ownership. With EZ Own, you pocket the tax credit, lower your bill, (your payment to own will be typically 20-30% less then your current bill) and build equity in your solar system with every payment.  EZ own requires zero investment upfront, and it will not show up on your credit report as a loan. In essence, you replace your SDGE bill with a smaller purchase payment, pocket the tax credit, and let us take care of all repairs and maintenance for the life of the system.  You can even apply the tax credit toward any of our Guthrie and Sons Products.