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Corona Virus Company Policy and Customer Update

As your service provider, we know how important keeping your family safe and comfortable is during these trying times.  With most Americans now being advised to stay home we understand that you may be using your heating and air conditioning system more than normal and we want you to be confident that you can still count on us for any heating and cooling needs your family may incounter.

Furthermore, we know the extreme concerns about inviting strangers into your private home right now, so we are being sure to take extra precautions to ensure both our employees and your families protection stay first. Though we have always taken great pride in the cleanliness of our employees, jobsites, and vehicles, Guthrie and Sons will now be taking even further steps to ensure the upmost cleanliness while performing any tasks in our customer home or business.   

  • Guthrie “no-contact” policy.  We know it might be hard to get use to, but for now all our employees have been trained on a no-contact policy!

  • Social distancing. We have advised all employees at Guthrie and Sons to whenever possible stay at least 6 feet away from one another!  Yes, you included 🙂

  • Office Staff Work from Home.   As a service provider it is hard for all our employees to stay home, but those who can we are fully encouraging to do so whenever possible.

  • Taking Employees Tempatures Daily We are now taking each and every employees tempature daily, and before work begins.  Any memeber of our staff showing a tempature of more than 99 degrees is being asked to go home.  We are even making our employees take their own tempature at night and asking anybody that has a fever of 99 degrees or more to stay home and take a sick day.

  • Now Offering Live Virtual Estimates – We are doing everyhting we can to keep our employees and customers safe during these times.  We are now offering free, live, virtual estimates for our customers along with free system design appoitments via Zoom, Facetime, Go To Meeting and Skype.  

  • Daily Updates with Employees.  With everything being so new and constantly changing, Guthrie and Sons will be having daily Corona Virus updates and safety protocol meetings with our employees to ensure everybody’s safety and protection is always taken priority.

  • Booties/ Masks/ Hand Sanitizer / Disinfectant.  With safety protocol being our highest priority, we have fully implemented the use of booties, masks, Hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray whenever requested to ensure everybody’s cleanliness and safety remain paramount.

Our customers safety and protection are is vital to us here at Guthrie and Sons. We can assure you we are taking extreme measures to protect your family and our employees. We are closely monitoring the CDC regulations and recommendations and will continue to keep everybody updated on any changes that may affect our business or our customers during these trying times

God Bless you, and we pray for the safety and well-being of everybody affected by this

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