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According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, approximately 20% of your home’s energy usage comes from water heating. Imagine a water heater that increases your water heating efficiency by up to 50%. Introducing the ProTerra Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater. 


Heat Pump Water Heater Installation Services

Save today. Save tomorrow. Energy-efficient hybrid water heaters.

Tucked inside a closet and mostly forgotten about until you run out of hot water, your water heater plays a critical role in your family’s home comfort. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, approximate 20% of your home’s energy usage comes from water heating. What if you could save up to 4x of your annual operating cost just by switching to a heat pump water heater? Now, with Guthrie & Sons, you can! 

How Do Heat Pump Water Heaters Work?

Similar to a heat pump heater for your home, a heat pump water heater (also known as a hybrid electric water heater) uses electricity to move heat from one place to another. A fan pulls air through the upper intake and passes it through a filter. The refrigerant in the heat pump water heater absorbs the heat and is passed through the condenser tubing. The heated air is then transferred to the water in the tank, which is then dispersed to your home as needed. 

Because of the heat pump technology, hybrid heat pump water heaters are best suited for climates that remain between 40º-90ºF, making San Diego the perfect climate to install these types of units. Combine your hybrid heat pump water heater with a solar system for maximum energy efficiency. 

how a proterra hybrid heat pump water heater works

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Benefits of Heat Pump Water Heaters

There are numerous benefits to making the switch to a heat pump water heater over a standard gas or electric water heater. These benefits include:

  • More Energy-Efficiency. Heat pump water heaters are up to 4x more energy-efficient than a standard electric water heater and up to 5x more energy-efficient than a standard gas tank.
  • Faster Recovery Rate. The recovery time for a hybrid heat pump water is much faster than a standard gas or electric water heater. Because of the dual, electric heating elements, hybrid heat pump water heaters recover in as little as 25 minutes, compared to standard water heaters that can take up to an hour to recover. 
  • Environmentally Friendly. Whether it’s a heat pump water heater or a heat pump HVAC system to heat your home, heat pumps overall are more energy efficient. Because of this efficiency, heat pump water heaters use less electricity and/or natural gas, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. According to Energy Star, if all homes were installed with Energy Star certified heat pump water heaters, we could prevent nearly 170 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions!
  • Tax Credits & Rebates. For additional savings, there are federal tax incentives and state rebates to make the switch from a conventional gas water heater to a hybrid heat pump water heater. Now, you can save up to 30% of the installation costs (maximum of $2,000 a year) in federal tax credits on top of state rebates which fluctuate depending on what size gallon you install.

Introducing ProTerra Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater by Rheem

The ProTerra hybrid heat pump water heater is the industry’s first 120V plug-in heat pump water heater technology. Unlike traditional gas tank water heaters which require a certain amount of clearance to be installed, the ProTerra hybrid heat pump water heater has a zero clearance requirement allowing the unit to fit in small spaces for easy installation. With up to 5x more efficiency compared to a standard gas tank, the ProTerra hybrid water heater is the perfect energy efficient solution for your home. 

10-Year Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

For your peace of mind, our Rheem Proterra hybrid heat pump water heaters are covered by a 10 year parts warranty. 

Is ProTerra Right for My Home?

If you have solar on your home, you’re conscious about the environment, or you are looking to save on utility costs, you should look into replacing your gas tank or electric water heater with a hybrid electric heat pump water heater. Though, there are other factors you should consider such as what fuel source you use (gas vs. electric), how many people are in your home and if everyone in your home needs hot water at the same time.

If you’re unsure if a hybrid heat pump water heater is right for your home, give us a call. Our team of experts are here to address any questions you have and can provide a solution for you. If you would like to get a quote on a hybrid heat pump water heater, our estimate are always free. Call us at (619) 269-3013 or book an appointment online.

ProTerra Hybrid
Water Heater Benefits


Upgrade your conventional water heater to the hybrid ProTerra and get up to 30% of the installation cost (maximum of $2,600) back in federal tax credits. 

For a limited time, homeowner’s can also receive rebates up to $6,000 when you make the switch.


The ProTerra hybrid heat pump water heater uses less energy to operate than a classic 100-watt incandescent light bulb. 

For annual energy savings, ProTerra is 4x more energy-efficient than a standard electric tank and up to 5x more energy-efficient than a gas tank.


Select ProTerra heat pump water heaters include built-in leak detection. A leak, big or small, can be detected in as little as 15 seconds. If a leak is detected, your ProTerra will trigger the auto-shut off valve to help prevent water damage

*Available on select models.


Your ProTerra water heater has built-in wifi. Through the EcoNet app, you will have full control of your ProTerra hybrid heat pump water heater allowing you to remotely:

  • Control the temperature
  • Set vacation mode on or off
  • Track energy usage
  • Access alerts for any issues
  • …And more!



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