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Ductless Minisplit Installation

If your home does not have the proper layout to install ductwork for a central HVAC system, or, you want to easily control the temperature in each room of your house individually, a ductless mini split system is the perfect heating and cooling solution for you. Call us or book your appointment online for a free quote on a single or multi-zone ductless mini split system.

Ductless Minisplit Installation Services

No ducts? No problem. An all-in-one heating and cooling solution for you.

If you have an older home or perhaps your home’s layout does not allow for ductwork to be installed, a ductless mini split system is the perfect solution for your heating and cooling needs. Ductless mini split systems consist of an outdoor unit connected to your indoor head units which are installed in various rooms of your house. These convenient, multi-zone systems allow you to individually control each room of the house, making it an ideal solution for many San Diego homeowners.

Residential Ductless Mini Split Installation

When you’re looking for a heating and cooling system, a central split system might first come to mind. But, what if the layout of your home doesn’t allow for ductwork to be installed? The solution is easy – a ductless mini split system. Ductless systems allow you to heat and cool your home and gives you climate control for each zone. 

If you need help determining whether a central or ductless system is right for your home, we’re here to help. Our certified technicians will evaluate the layout of your home, discuss your home comfort needs, and provide the perfect solution for you. 

Commercial Ductless Mini Split Installation

When it comes to your business, you want a reliable and efficient heating and air system to keep your customers comfortable. Whether it’s located in a free-standing building or in a shopping center, depending on where your business is located your building may not have the necessary configuration to install a central split system with ductwork. A ductless mini split system is the ideal solution for you. Install a zone (also known as a head unit) in each room of your business, allowing you to climate control individually. Ductless systems both heat and cool so no additional heating or cooling units are needed. 

Commercial HVAC systems are complex and require certified technicians to ensure a perfect installation, the first time. You don’t want your heating and air system to fail during business hours. Contact the experts at Guthrie & Sons to book an appointment for a free estimate on a new installation.

How Do Ductless Mini Splits Work?

Mini split heating and cooling systems work without the presence of any ductwork. These types of systems consist of two separate units: an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit.

The indoor unit is responsible for introducing cool & conditioned air around the installed space, and the outdoor unit throws out the absorbed heat into the external atmosphere. Both the indoor and outdoor units are connected through a small hole in the wall.

One of the major benefits of a ductless system is that each indoor head unit (also known as a zone) can be controlled individually. 

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If you have questions on what heating and cooling system is right for your home, or, you’re ready to take the next step in maximizing energy-efficiency, Guthrie & Sons Heating, Air & Solar is here to help! Give our office a call at (619) 269-3013 or book a free estimate online today.

Ductless Mini Split Benefits


Mini split systems are typically more energy-efficient than central split systems. Many mini splits boast high SEER ratings. A SEER rating is an industry standard for measuring the efficiency of air conditioners.

The SEER ratings for mini split systems usually range between 18-30 SEER. Systems 16 SEER or greater are considered high-efficiency. 


The beauty of ductless systems is that no ductwork is needed. Instead, they use copper line sets to run the refrigerant to the indoor units. 

The lack of ducts makes these ventless air conditioner systems an especially smart choice for when installing ductwork would be too costly or unnecessary. Mini splits offer an easy workaround.


Multi zone mini split systems allow you to keep each zone at a different temperature, giving you the power to control the temperatures throughout your house easily and exactly the way you want.


Ductless mini split systems have sound ratings as low as 19 dB for the inside unit. With sound ratings that low, it means that they can operate quieter than a whisper. This allows you to stay comfortable without being distracted by annoying noises.




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I’ve been with Guthrie & Sons since 2008. They installed my new unit and have serviced it twice a year ever since. Something has changed and not for the better. Most notable in communication. After a service visit I received several quotes for further work, mind you no call made during the visit to notify me of these items. New quotes also include a $95 visit fee! If I’m already paying for the initial visit why would you leave without speaking to me if more work was recommended? I called the number on the email that specifically said “if you have questions”. Needless to say the person who answered “Amy” couldn’t provide one single thing of information regarding my visit and I have to speak to the technician. She was politely dismissive and just kept referring me to the technician. This isn’t the level of service I’ve had in the past and not sure I can stay if this is the new standard.
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We have been using Guthrie and Sons for the past six years and are completely satisfied every time we have a visit
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Great service, personable staff, prompt, and finished when they said they would.
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They offered a very competitive price for a much higher SEER unit and they were efficient, clean and informative completing the removal and install of the new unit in one day. I am also very happy with the Bosh unit they recommended and installed.
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Zachary was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Always count on Guthrie and Sons to do a great job
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Great installation, great products, superior maintenance. Courtney in the Front office is organized & knowledgeable. Dave J. did a great job cleaning and checking our HVAC for the upcoming summer 🏝️🌞.

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