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Send us your latest bill and will provide a free, DETAILED, EASY TO FOLLOW, interactive, personalized solar and roof plan that layouts every option you have to
off-set your home energy use


once we have decided on which solar design and purchasing option is best suited for you, sunpower then performs a roof and electrical, on-site survey to ensure and guarantee, every aspect of the solar design we engineered will work with your home.


we sign off on all the paperwork and purchasing agreemments and start looking forward to enjoying all the benefits that come with going solar with the best company and best warranty the industry can provide.



Let’s get right down to it.  When it comes to renewable energy, specifically solar power, in San Diego, the question - how much money can it save on your electric bill always comes up first.  The short answer is that homeowners can trade an expensive electric bill for a much cheaper solar monthly payment and start saving money the day the solar panel system is installed. 
San Diego is one of the top solar cities globally, and Guthrie & Sons is one of the best solar companies in San Diego. The sunny weather in San Diego makes it the perfect place for harvesting renewable energy. Solar panels are so common in San Diego that you probably see them every day when walking through your neighborhood or commuting your way to work. Being the 8th sunniest city in America, you’re losing out on saving some dollars by not getting solar panels in San Diego. So end your dependence on both coal-powered electricity and over-priced gasoline and be a part of the growing San Diego solar trend and start saving soon!
If you pay $100/month or more in electricity, a solar power system probably makes more sense for your home. Our helpful & professional team of solar consultants at Guthrie & Sons can help you decide what’s best for you and your family.
San Diego has some of the most solar-friendly legislation in the United States.  Essentially, Net Metering & high energy costs from San Diego Gas and Electric are what make solar work in one city from another. It also helps that San Diego is bathed in sunshine almost around the year. The process for going solar is relatively simple in San Diego. Moreover, solar contractors at Guthrie and Sons start by looking at your bill and, more importantly, your roof to begin modeling the size and type of solar system you need.  We may ask a few additional questions as well, but we’ll sort you out quickly.
The average solar panel cost in San Diego, CA, as of March 2021is $2.88/W. For instance, an average solar installation in San Diego, CA ranges from $12,200 to $16,500 for a solar panel system of 5 kW (kilowatts). And the average gross price for solar in San Diego, CA comes around $14,000. After accounting for the 26% Federal ITC and Investment Tax Credit and other state & local solar incentives, the net price you’ll pay for solar can easily fall by thousands of dollars.